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Sugar daddy- 4 Rules That You Should Follow When Seeking Arrangement

Sugar babies and sugar daddies are very much in demand. This may be one of the reasons that Seeking Arrangement is so successful. However, with so many potential sugar babies and sugar daddies, interested men/women need to know what they are looking for before contacting one another. This article will give you an idea of what you should expect when contacting a sugar baby or sugar daddy and what to look for when communicating with them. Based on my experience, below are the top 5 things that a sugar daddy or sugar baby will expect from you.

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Sending messages and talking on the phone while on the phone or even emailing is acceptable. Asking a question to a sugar daddy or sugar babe you have emailed. Sending messages and calling the person is not. There have been many times that I have sent messages and talked on the phone only to receive canned responses that made me feel like I was bothering them. Asking questions about their interests is always good, even if they are not interested in those things. I would recommend asking many questions, but not too many, because you do not want to creep out your sugar daddy or sugar baby.


A good sugar daddy or sugar baby will appreciate you showing that you are a good companion. A good way to show this is to buy gifts to use around the house and the neighborhood. Your sugar babies and sugar daddies will appreciate that you are there to help them without patronizing them. Also, if your significant other or sugar daddy has any hobbies, you should make sure that they also like the same hobbies. That will show that you are a good match for one another.


Never give them an allowance. Allowances are not part of the relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. There is no reason why a relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby cannot work. Just because you are giving him an allowance does not mean that you expect to buy him anything from him. It isn’t very respectful to your significant other or sugar daddy if he were to suggest that he give you a gift allowance just because you are hoping to buy him a gift for himself as well.


Never give a gift allowance to someone with whom you are not trying to build a relationship. This is especially important if the gift is something that the average sugar daddy or sugar baby will not normally purchase for himself. If you are trying to build a relationship with someone who is not a sugar daddy, you will want to avoid giving the gift allowance. Just because he is your sugar daddy or sugar baby does not mean that he will buy you gifts regularly; therefore, you must make sure to tell him that you are not buying gifts for him at this time.

You should follow these four rules when trying to arrange marriages or relationships with sugar daddies or sugar babies. The most important thing to remember is that you will want to avoid relationships with those trying to solicit money from you to live off of you. If you are going to spend money, do so when you have enough and not before you have enough. Do not let your family or friends tell you that they do not mind if you spend money but that you should not get a loan to do so. Also, avoid sugar daddy sites that offer loans for relationships.